Time, Timelines and your Wedding Day!

April 9, 2017

Time always seems to be flying by. One moment I look at my watch and its 10 am, then next its 3pm and it feels like I’ve only been sitting here for 15 minutes. Time is so strange to me. Truly, the idea of time is manmade and tracking time is manmade. But when defined by moments, time has really always been there. Time has just become our tool and way of tracking moments or fleeting memories. How many times have I said time?

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Your wedding day is full of all of these fleeting moments! I know I don’t have to emphasize that so much; I’m sure mom has done a great job of that! But it’s incredibly true. One moment my client is putting on her dress and the next she is waving goodbye to her friends and family as she strolls through the smoky halls of sparklers. The whole day goes by in what seems like milliseconds.

Have you ever wondered why time seems to fly by so fast? It’s because you are having fun! You are present! And to be honest, you’re not checking your watch every five minutes because you are truly enjoying your day.

I’m sure you’re wondering what this blog post has to do with you and it’s very simple. Timelines are the crème de la crème when it comes to staying on schedule!

Well, duh.

It’s such a simple concept but it can make or break a day. Timelines that aren’t created correctly can really turn a relaxing morning into a disastrous afternoon.


Example: You are getting your final touches of hair and makeup complete at a private residence when your dog finds your favorite lipstick and eats it!

Did I really use a “dog ate my homework example”? Anyway, what will you do? Most likely you will have an awesome makeup artist with you who can help you select a different color lipstick. But what if that takes over 20 minutes; minutes that were never accounted for in the original timeline?

As professional photographer, I have seen things happen that were never accounted for in the timeline. Some of these things are completely unrelated to the wedding day but still effect the timeline. And as a professional photographer, it is my job to make sure you are on time for everything!

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My process is really simple, but it is something that is so crucial to your day. Asking questions during your initial inquiry such as, “Are you planning a special exit?” or “how large is your family?” really helps as I determine what your needs are. For obvious reasons, if there is travel time involved, or your bridal party and family is really large, you may anticipate needing more hours than you originally thought or planned.

As we get closer to your wedding day, I always chat with the wedding planner or venue coordinator to ensure their timeline matches mine and I ALWAYS cushion time up front. You never know if that dog may come out of nowhere and grab your lipstick. This means showing up 2 hours prior to the ceremony for all those fun details and candids and making sure my time allotted can handle missing lipstick or a 20 person family.

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I like to think of myself as your gatekeeper of time. Like a human watch. It is my job, and my passion, to make sure I keep you on time to everything happening on your wedding day while simultaneously making sure you enjoy those moments. I want to be the one worrying about the time, not you.

If you’re interested in knowing more about my photo timeline process or would like to see a sample timeline, please contact me here!


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