Bree, Anthony, and the amazing Sunken Gardens

November 17, 2017

Bree and Anthony met while Bree was vacationing in Florida visiting her grandparents. She had a few days to explore the city on her own so she jumped on Tinder to find someone to go to Busch Gardens with. I can’t tell you how many love stories I’ve heard that begin with Tinder! Thank you, Internet!

Anthony and Bree met in downtown St Pete, shared a flight of beer at the Hollander, and thus began their fairytale 72 hour date. When telling me this story, Bree and Anthony mentioned that they had no real expectations. After all, Bree lives in Nova Scotia and Anthony wasn’t really looking for anything serious. When Bree and Anthony were ending their night, Bree requested some music and unbeknownst to Anthony, he made a romantic play list weeks before not knowing it would ever be played for anyone. Of course, the playlist was a hit and Bree says this is the moment she knew something has changed.

I spoke with Bree and Anthony separately before ever meeting them in person, and I was so excited to finally get to know them at their engagement session. I know I may say this a lot, that this couple just exudes happiness and love. But OMG, these two seriously make my heart skip and jump! You know when you go on a first date and you have butterflies in your stomach, and you are so worried how it will go, but as soon as you meet the person and show your heart, everything feels comfortable and okay? That exact moment is how I would describe these two. They are the sweetness in the transition between new and comfortable. That perfect middle ground.

We had a blast exploring Sunken Gardens especially since it was Bree’s first time and Anthony is actually a gardening enthusiast! We laughed, we played, we spun in circles and they loved and kissed and it was beautiful. Anthony and Bree, it is such an honor to get to know you and I am so excited for your special day next Spring! Sending all my love <3


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  1. Laura

    November 18th, 2017 at 12:25 am

    These pictures are so beautiful. You both look so happy and in love 🙂 The way I see you looking at one another and the love described by your photographer reminds me of the love I felt for Adam. And if it’s anything even close to that, you two are so incredibly lucky to have found one another! That love will grow stronger than you ever knew was possible. ❤

  2. Tami

    November 18th, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Just ridiculously excited for you two!

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