A North Straub Park Engagement with Jessica and James

January 23, 2018

Most love stories start with butterflies in your stomach, or the yearning question, “Do they like me too?”. But when I asked Jessica and James how they met, they practically told me it was love at first sight without saying it was love at first site. Set to go on a sailboat for the afternoon, Jessica was accompanied by James’ friend who later introduced them. I imagine it going something like this.

“Hey James this is Jessica!”

“Hey Jessica I’m James. Welcome aboard my sailboat!”

*Jessica and James locked eyes and locked hearts.*

Guys, all the heart eyes over here!

I met them for the first time at their engagement session in North Straub Park. Jessica, James, and their cute-as-can-be chocolate lab pup. I loved watching their little family interact. They were all smiles! They danced, ran as beautifully as baywatch, and laughed as much as they kissed.

These two are so much fun to be around! I don’t know if it’s because they just take direction so well, or because they are naturally just so perfect together. I’d say it’s probably both, but mostly the latter!

We finished our session down by the St. Pete Marina to incorporate the water and the sailboats. It only made sense since this is the first time both their hearts skipped a beat for each other. And just like that, another couple has left me inspired and so grateful that this is what I do for a living. Love is so powerful ya’ll, don’t ever deny it.


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