Downtown St Pete Engagement Session with Megan & D’Angelo

st petersburg wedding photographer-11

Florida finally got our dose of the cold weather, and on that specific day, Megan and D’Angelo were to meet me outside for their full St Pete engagement session. 54 degrees? That can’t be too bad! Lies – we were freezing! But I tell you, the moment we started working together, the blood started flowing and the creative juices were at an all time high. The three of us just vibed and we were able to create some pretty spectacular images.

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What could I tell you about 2016?


I spent a few days thinking about this post and what I was going to write. SO MUCH has happened in 2016 that it seemed impossible to find a beginning and an end.

2016 brought us so many wonderful and amazing memories! We traveled, we loved, we worked super duper hard, we met new friends, we lost old friends, we shared, we cried – but above all in 2016, we grew. And growth is so important. When you grow, you find out things about yourself that you hate.  You find out you aren’t made of steel and sometimes your feelings get hurt. You learn to love those weird things about yourself. You find out that drinking now is SO much different than drinking when you are 22 years old. You learn new recipes and throw out old ones. You depend less on others – rely more on yourself. You give more; way more. You start to crave experiences instead of things. You love. Love love love unconditionally.

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Kyle and Angela’s Down-to-Earth St Pete Engagement

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I am 100% lover of nature and would prefer to do anything and everything outdoors. Nature has a huge influence on my photography, and till this day is the number one inspiration for photography ideas, especially when it comes to St. Pete engagements. I utilize the light, the shadows, the wonderful foliage – I get giddy just thinking about it all. When Kyle and Angela first told me they were getting married on Earth Day, I freaked out just a little, okay, a lot!

Our St. Pete engagement session ended up being the epitome of all things nature – urban landscapes and natural landscapes – we explored it all. And by the end of our 2.5 hr session (I mean, who would want to stop photographing these two gorgeous people?), I wish we could have shot for another hour! Angela and Kyle, I absolutely can’t wait for your big day and hope we get to adventure sometime soon before that!


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The Most Romantic Pass-a-Grille Beach Engagement Session

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Kasandra, Olly and their pup Mia for their engagement session. We originally planned to have our shoot at Clearwater beach; but due to the storms, we moved south to Pass-a-Grille. I love Pass-a-Grille for many reasons, but mostly because it is a very family friendly and quiet beach. The moment I met this little family, I couldn’t help but smile. You know those people you meet and instanting feel amazing vibes? That’s these two! Needless to say, we had a really great time walking down the beach, frolicking in the dunes (minus the stickers!), and watching the sun set over the calm gulf.


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Romantic Couple gets Married at the Rusty Pelican

If I could ask for one thing in life, it would be that I continue photographing love, especially Tampa weddings. Seriously…it’s addicting. This past weekend I had the opportunity to second shoot with one of my very favorite people, Jessica Cruz of Migrant Collective Weddings at the Rusty Pelican. What’s great about acting as a second shooter sometimes is that I get the opportunity to push limits and explore my creative eye. Last weekend was no different. Here are some of my very favorites from their Tampa wedding day. eeeek! enjoy!dsc_9238

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Adorable Downtown St Pete Engagement Session

There are so many amazing things I can say about Racheal and Justin! I will start off by saying they are the most genuine people and I am so ecstatic they have chosen me to be a part of their story.

I met Racheal and Justin in Downtown St Pete for a mini engagement session this past week. Even though it’s technically Fall, it still feels like Summer! Even with a 4:30 pm start time – woo – we were hot! And can I also say, their love seriously added a little more sizzle to the day.


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Intimate Wedding in Pointe Au Baril Canada

When someone says “intimate wedding”, I immediately get excited and for all the right reasons. I would totally consider myself a people person, your bestie, your go-to-gal for all things ‘friends’. I am incredibly drawn to raw emotion, genuine smiles and big belly laughs – and when I got all of those things rootin’ for me – well – my weddings become all about the people. And to me, what can be more important than that?

It started as a conversation over tea at Kahwa in downtown St Pete. Jami, one of my very first friends when I moved to St Pete, was giddy over her new engagement with her long-time boyfriend Reuben. I mean, I was giddy too! Her ring, hand made with a raw diamond was perfect for her. Of course, our conversation led to, “Where are you going to get married?” And without any hesitation…”Pointe Au Baril, Canada! Would you be interested in being our photographer?”

She had me at Canada! And intimate wedding! And hello – these two are totally down-to-earth people.

My answer, “Um…YES!”


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Two Gators Say I Do on St. Pete Beach

I didn’t think it could get much hotter on St. Pete Beach in the summer until I saw Cate & Micah together on their wedding day! What can I say about this couple that their wonderful friends and family didn’t? Superb, genuine, happy, and so so in love! These two filled everyone’s day with so much joy and happiness including mine! Their love made me cry when they read their vows, and their love made me smile from ear to ear as I watched them dance. These two tied the knot at the Grand Plaza on St. Pete beach. I love these two to the moon!

In 2009, when they were sophomores in college, Cate’s best friend Kelsey took her to a UF “Gator Growl” Homecoming party where Micah saw her from across the room. He sat himself next to her and began to make conversation among a group of friends. Three hours later, they were still talking and their friends had all gone.

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How Family Photos Can Create a Sense of Place

Whenever I am invited into someone’s home, the first thing I notice are family photos. Be it I am a photographer and these are things I enjoy, but there is something about walking into someone’s home and getting a glimpse into their lives. When I see a wall full of photographs I can begin to curate a story, if you will, of the people in them. It creates a sense of wonder for me, and a sense of pride for the person who adoringly walks me over to their wall to explain who is who and why they are important enough to be on their wall. There is something so very warm about a house with photographs, and something I am seeing less and less of.

Tampa Family Portraits-6

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Surprise Tampa Engagement Session

I have been waiting for the day that I get to be a part of a proposal! I always thought, how awesome is it to be there for those first moments; the moment that began your lives together!

David called me a couple days before his big plan to propose. In a little bit of a frantic he told me, “I just know I need a photographer, are you available?” I think I screamed in excitement (to myself of course!) and answered very calmly, “Yes, of course. Give me all of the details.” I could. not. wait!

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