Brielle & Sean – Engaged! [St. Petersburg & Tampa Bay Photographer]

July 9, 2013

Engagement sessions typically tend to be magical, but I really had no idea how magical until I met Brielle & Sean. Brielle and Sean are both Tampa Bay natives, having grown up in the area – and I was more than ecstatic to hear about some enchanting locations we could utilize to capture their story.

We ended up meeting at Philippe Park in Safety Harbour, about 30 minutes from downtown St. Petersburg. I thought to myself this place must be a hidden gem as it was not one of Google maps finer moments. Lost and going in circles is putting it mildly. But alas, I made it, and I knew once I parked next to the boat dock this place was going to be amazing.

Philippe Park is one of the larger parks I’ve been to, and it offers so much variety, and better yet, Brielle, Sean and their little pup Brinley were ‘au natural’ in front of the camera. I don’t say this often, but their love just flowed. They are so interconnected and I’m so happy to have caught it on camera!

Where did you meet? How long ago?

In 2009, Sean and I both worked around Coconut Point.  I saw him getting lunch one day at Five Guys and was in awe of him right away.  I had no idea who he was so I just referred to him as “Best Buy Guy” since that’s where he worked.  I didn’t see him again until we had a class together in Spring of 2010.  He walked in the door and I immediately turned to my best friend who was there the day I first saw him and said “look it’s best buy guy!”  Unfortunately, we were both in relationships at that time so I settled for staring at him every class and never actually talking to him.  The first time we actually ever spoke was the last day of our class when my friend and I decided to sit behind him and another kid.  My friend actually turned to me and said “Wow he is really cute.  I’ll go for him and you go for his friend.” (rude) Anyways, we didn’t end up going to his birthday party but I did friend request him on Facebook.  Over that summer, I saw him around randomly and would just give him a smile in acknowledgment.

Finally, in October 2010, I worked up some liquid courage at Uptown Larrys and told one of his friends that I thought he was extremely attractive.  He ended up calling Sean and telling him to come up to Larry’s.  Once he arrived, I got scared and left the bar.  My friend gave me a pep talk in the car and I had her turn around and take me back.  I walked straight up to him while he was talking to another girl and waited for him to acknowledge me.  We then sat down in a booth and talked for 2 hours.  And the rest is history.

What caught your eye about him? About her?

The first thing I noticed about Sean was his laid back sense of style.  He has a confident disposition but definitely not arrogant.  I was immediately attracted to this because I am a bit of a control freak so I knew I needed someone to balance me out.

The first thing I noticed about Brielle is that she had a starring problem in class… Just kidding… no but really. I really liked Brielle because she is the entire package. Not only is she beautiful, but she is smart and ambitious. I really couldn’t of asked for anything better.

How did he propose?

Sean and I planned a trip up to St. Pete for my best friends birthday.  He ended up getting us a hotel room even though we usually just stay at my parents.  This immediately made me think something was up especially when he told me to pack something nice.  The first night we got into town, we went out to dinner with his best friend and his girlfriend.  I ask him what I should where and he just said to throw something on.  This made me think it was just going to be an ordinary night.  After dinner, we were all so full we decided to walk it off.  Once we made it down to the banyan tree, the other couple asked us to take there pictures.  When it was our turn, the girl got our a nice photography camera out of her bag (never noticed the bag).  I immediately thought this was strange but just went with it.  Once we walked up to the tree, I saw Sean give his friend a look and I knew what was about it happen.  Sean was so nervous he was down and up in two seconds and even tried grabbing the wrong hand.  I looked down out the ring and was ecstatic to see it was a vintage ring I had spotted one day in a store.  I am not an emotional person at all but this moment brought me to tears.

How would you describe your perfect day together?

Our perfect day together would have to be doing anything on the water.  Recently, we spent an afternoon paddle-boarding down the Estero River which was a blast.  We enjoyed it because we were able to incorporate fitness with a water activity we enjoy.  The perfect end to the day would be eating at one of our favorite restaurants, Bajio or Skip One Seafood, and getting dessert at a frozen yogurt shop.

Brielle & Sean plan to get married  on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at the Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL.




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