Coral & Myron { Engaged }

February 27, 2014


What a treat to photograph these two! I have known Coral since my high school days, and it is crazy to think that I am here with them now photographing her and her soon to be husband.

I met these two at Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL where we began our engagement session. We got so incredibly lucky with the weather and the sunlight. It was such a cool day, and with all the laughing these two shared, it made it an even better day to remember.

We finished our session our at Bonita Beach where we just barely caught the sunset, but what a pretty pastel sky we got!

Read a little bit about these two, and you will know exactly why I fell in love with them!


Where did you meet? How long ago?

We met at FCGU through mutual friends and greek life. I was in ZTA and he was in PKA and ran into each other a lot. We were friends for a couple years before we took the plunge and started to date!!! We love that we were friends before we began to date because we knew all about each other and never had to go through an awkward “get to know each other” phase!

What caught your eye about him? About her?

I could not resist his sense of humor! Whenever I was around him we laughed constantly. I felt like I could be myself around him and have a good time.

Myron says: I loved that we always had a good time whenever we were together and that we would constantly be laughing. It also doesn’t hurt that she has beautiful blue eyes.

How did he propose?

On Sunday, the day before he proposed was my cousin’s wedding in Gainesville where I caught the bouquet!! On Monday, the next night, he took me to Fleming’s steak house and when we got back to the house I went into the other room and came back out and in front of the Christmas tree he was standing with our puppy Winnie and the ring tied around her neck. He told me he loved me and would always love me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!! I said Yes when I was done crying tears of happiness!!!! Catching the bouquet works wonders!

How would you describe your perfect day together?

One of our first dates was to Tropical Smoothie so we would probably pick up some smoothies and from there head to the dog beach with our two puppies, Winnie and Tigger. (we are all about our dogs!) We would end the day with dinner that we cooked together because we both LOVE to cook and try new recipes!

You can catch these two tying the knot on July 19, 2014 at The Cape Coral Westin! Congratulations you two!

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