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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

Pull up a chair and stay a while, won't you?

i'm KÉra

Whenever a couple asks me to do their engagement photos, my first question to them is, “Who are you as a couple?”. The question may seem simple, but to most, it’s a broad question that can only be answered by years of memories. Brittany and Jesse were no exception. But to my surprise, they wanted to do something a little out of their element, and voila, a lifestyle downtown Naples session happened! We had a grand time adventuring the streets and venues, and I personally had a wonderful time laughing and enjoying their company!

Where did you meet? How long ago?

We met in high school, 11th grade. But didn’t start dating until senior year so we met about 7 years ago and have been together for almost six in April!

What caught your eye about him? About her?
He originally caught my eye because he was on our schools basketball team and he was really cute and tall. Once I got to know him I learned how kind , intelligent and sweet he was, which is hard to find in high school. His baby blues didn’t hurt either.
Britt, caught my eye with her beautiful green eyes and her infectious personality.  She made me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever met and she brought out a different side of me.  She was able to bring out my silly/fun side and I just always enjoyed spending time with her….It’s never a dull moment with Britt around!
How would you describe your perfect day together?
My perfect date with Jesse would be waking up getting some coffee and doing something different! Maybe kayaking or going to the Zoo. Maybe end the day with dinner and a movie. Anything we do together is fun!
My perfect date with Britt wouldn’t be a typical dinner and night out, it would be more of an adventure.  We love to go out of town and explore/see different things.  Ideally, we’d leave in the late morning, get some Starbucks, drive a couple hours (Miami or Tampa/Orlando), and then do something fun!  Right now I’d like to go to a theme park, so Animal Kingdom would be a good time for the both of us.
How did he propose?
I am a dance instructor/ choreographer for competitive and non competitive kids ages 4-18. I was at a local dance competition all day and told Jesse to come watch the group numbers I had Choreographed. He showed up around 5 and watched all my numbers. Finally at the end of the night around 10 pm it was time for awards. All of the dancers sat on stage and hundreds of people say in the audience. I was awaiting to here our scores when the competition director said how they usually have someone special announce awards and then someone interrupted her. It was a man’s voice. It was Jesse. He emerged from the crowd of girls and stage and called me up in front of everyone. When I got up there he passed the mic away and said such a romantic heartfelt speech about his love for me and why he wants to be with me forever. I was so surprised and touched. Even though it was onstage I felt in that moment it was just he and I. When he got down on one knee of course I said yes, put on my gorgeous ring, and shared An amazing long kiss with my fiancé. The crowd literally went wild. I then turned around and two of my best friends from Fort Lauderdale and Tampa drove all the way to Fort Myers to be there for my special moment, in addition to my other good friend from the area. I turned around again and all 20 something of my dancers each handed me a rose and gave me a giant hug. Most romantic thing I could’ve ever imagined. It was so perfect.
When is the wedding? Where?
Our wedding will be Saturday evening January 17, 2015 at the Hyatt coconut point and we cannot wait! We have 9 bridesmaids and 7 groomsman by our sides and an amazing family support system!