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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

Pull up a chair and stay a while, won't you?

i'm KÉra

Just this time last year, I was living in a small downtown St. Petersburg apartment with my foxhound; skiddish as can be of the fireworks exploding over head. This was pretty typical. Me on my computer editing or searching the web on “How to Book More Weddings”. My dog laying on the ground, scared that someone in any minute would bust down our door. Us, just two peas in a pod.

As I sat there with him wondering what the new year may bring, I thought to myself what I had already gained. I moved to a new city where everything was new. A place where art is thriving and new business is booming. I met amazing vendors, and amazing friends, that have in turn helped move me along in this business adventure of mine. What occurred to me then was that, although I had made many leaps in bounds in the direction of what I would define as success, I still felt little in an industry where there are hundreds. I was determined to change that.

This past year has been one of trial and error, using what has worked in the past and running with it. Forgetting what didn’t and finding new ways to market myself. As a photographer in a saturated market such as the Tampa Bay area, marketing, networking, and learning how to constantly challenge myself in order to grow was and still is a must. I worked with others, I planned styled shoots, I networked, I got on a vendor list, and now I am advertising. Things are finally happening. Things are moving. I am growing and I am slowly but surely reaching every micro-goal which brings me closer to the grand prize.

As I look down at my foxhound today, who is now a year older and has finally outgrown his puppy phase, I realize I still have a lot of work to do. But work in this sense, is growth, and I am not sure that will ever end.

In this new year I hope for many things, and not only in my business, but in my life. I hope to keep learning and growing. I hope to constantly evolve into a better person each day. I hope the people around me find happiness. And I hope to be a part of your story in the coming year!

Here’s to some of my favorite images from my 2014 sessions and here’s to a new year! Cheers!

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-5

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-20tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-19

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-6tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-7tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-8

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-1

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-11tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-3tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-12

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-17tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-13tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-14tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-15tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-10

tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-21tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-4tampa-st. petersburg-florida-photographer-happy-new-year-weddings-23