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April 24, 2015

Nothing to me is as terrifying and joyous as being able to create a human. As a person who has never done this before, you can imagine I lean a little more into the unknown and scream uncertainty with every thought of this ever happening. As I was growing up, I never had the want to be a mother. I never had the urge, as some of my friends did, to settle down and have babies. Not until I met my handsome fellow of a man. Or perhaps its with age that I begin to realize, I surely do want to create life and I surely do want it to be with this man. It’s a funny thing when you do begin to have these thoughts of creating something that will depend on you for the rest of your life. It doesn’t really feel like a big deal. I mean after all, I do have two dogs and those are like my children, right?

After seeing my sister go through one of the toughest pregnancies I have ever known, it truly speaks volumes to me when I see her just making it work. My nephews, now 3, run around like mad men, laugh their little laughs at something silly auntie did, or cry for sometimes no reason at all. And sometimes unexpectedly, they do something my sister isn’t prepared for, and I am sure that is terrifying!

The photo below depicts the most endearing family I have ever met. On a photo session in the middle of the afternoon, this mama bear just made it work! Whether it be bribing her with little puff snacks, or in this case, feeding her in the middle of our session, she did anything to try to get this little baby girl to smile. A few moments went by and we entirely forgot about posing and we all just were. Me, a fly on the wall, and them, this family just being who they were and enjoying this moment.

I love this photo for many reasons. Be it the beautiful landscape of downtown St. Pete, or the sweetness in that Mother’s smile. But more so than any reason, this photo shows me the meaning of parenthood. It can be completely unexpected, and it can be terrifying, but as long as you are in it, you can make it work.




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