Classic Chicago Wedding at Cheney Mansion

November 10, 2015

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable bride and groom in Chicago. Both music lovers; they first met when Megan decided she wanted to learn the guitar. She didn’t know that her life would change from that day on.

Megan & Jeremy are the cutest, and I probably can’t say that enough. The warmed my heart when they brought their puppy Oliver over to meet me on Skype. It was love at first woof! We all instantly connected and I knew that that I would have blast photographing their love on their special day – not to mention, they got married in amazing Chicago Church and celebrated in a vintage mansion in Oak Park!

I loved everything about this day, whether it was the classic lavenders and greens, the beautiful vintage atmosphere, or the way her mom treated me just like family. Everything about this day was amazing – just see for yourself 🙂

Megan and Jeremy-435




Megan and Jeremy-537

Megan and Jeremy-539

Megan and Jeremy-11

Megan and Jeremy-20

chicago mansion wedding 1

chicago mansion wedding 3

chicago mansion wedding 2

Megan and Jeremy-21

Megan and Jeremy-24

Megan and Jeremy-35

Megan and Jeremy-44

Megan and Jeremy-49

Megan and Jeremy-54


chicago mansion wedding 4

chicago mansion wedding 5

Megan and Jeremy-98

Megan and Jeremy-109

chicago mansion wedding 7

chicago mansion wedding 8Megan and Jeremy-141Megan and Jeremy-148

Megan and Jeremy-150

Megan and Jeremy-153

Megan and Jeremy-160

chicago mansion wedding 9

Megan and Jeremy-165

Megan and Jeremy-171

chicago mansion wedding 10

chicago mansion wedding 11

Megan and Jeremy-233

Megan and Jeremy-247

Megan and Jeremy-254

Megan and Jeremy-265

Megan and Jeremy-308

chicago mansion wedding 12

Megan and Jeremy-320

Megan and Jeremy-330

Megan and Jeremy-341

Megan and Jeremy-349

Megan and Jeremy-409

chicago mansion wedding 13

chicago mansion wedding 14

chicago mansion wedding 15

Megan and Jeremy-432

Megan and Jeremy-440

chicago mansion wedding 16

Megan and Jeremy-465

Megan and Jeremy-536

chicago mansion wedding 17

Megan and Jeremy-450

Megan and Jeremy-455Megan and Jeremy-457

Megan and Jeremy-479

Megan and Jeremy-482

Megan and Jeremy-486

Megan and Jeremy-494

Megan and Jeremy-531

Megan and Jeremy-585

Megan and Jeremy-586


Megan and Jeremy-588

Megan and Jeremy-612

chicago mansion wedding 18

Megan and Jeremy-624

Megan and Jeremy-649

Megan and Jeremy-652

chicago mansion wedding 19

Megan and Jeremy-730

Megan and Jeremy-849Megan and Jeremy-862Megan and Jeremy-866


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