2015 Weddings & Portraits in Review

January 3, 2016


I started off the year in motion, and by that I mean – running towards an ever-growing goal that this year seemed almost impossible to meet. Dreams, however, never stop growing. So I adapted, and I started to become a faster and much stronger runner 😉

There’s something refreshing about the new year. I want to ponder everything I did in the year that passed (happy moments, successes, pains, tears, joys and failures) as though something profound should come from all of those things. What did it all mean? Does everything really happen for reason?

“Pinch me because this really isn’t happening.”

My first wedding of the year was in March, and from there, amazing, lovable couples started to pour in – each with their own unique story. I have often thought how is it possible that so many people have stories that were meant for the big screens? From high school sweethearts to those who traveled the world first before marrying, and even those who lost love but found it again.

In the days I wasn’t dancing in the celebrations of love, I often photographed my 2016 couples and families.  I even got lucky enough to photograph local Dixieland Collection, a few of my Tampa Shutter Sisters, and a couple hot mommas! I also met a little girl who said her name was Lion and roared our whole session (highlight of the year!). It’s without saying I truly developed a love for everyone I worked with.

I have had one of the most rewarding years and I am so thankful for all of the amazing clients and people, including those friendors, who made it all worthwhile!

Here’s to closing the chapter to 2015 and saying cheers to 2016! It’s going to be one of the best ones yet!


Megan & Santi (1 of 3 Megan’s of the year, btw!), booked me one week before their wedding! Frantic that their photographer could no longer be there, I hopped on the chance to come to their rescue! Their wedding party had to have been one of the most loving. How cute are they??


Jamie & David got married on Pi Day (my birthday)! They surrounded their wedding day around one of the nerdiest days and celebrated with cutting pie instead of cake. Tidbit: David’s family came from Ireland and he wore a traditional kilt!

Rachael and John-202

Rachel & John found love again and celebrated on their yacht in Snell Isle. John drives Rachel in his 1950’s Jeep downtown whenever they decide to grab a bite to eat.

Crystal and James-41

Crystal and James got ready together in the Don Cesar before eloping on St. Pete beach. They got married with a small group of family before tying the knot again in Italy! I love this shot of Crystal because she looks incredibly calm (which she was!) and you can see her beautiful engagement ring.

Alexa and Ryan Sneak Peek-1

Alexa and Ryan eloped with Tide the Knot Beach Weddings. It was mid-summer and the sky was so bright! I love the subtle pink of her lips among all of the blue and white.

Megan and Jeremy-424

Megan & Jeremy were married at the Cheney Mansion in Chicago! It was my first Chicago wedding and the scenery did not disappoint. Check out how lush that greenery is!

Laura and Shane-218

Laura & Shane were married on the beach off of a quaint home on St. Pete beach. Minutes before the ceremony, the skies opened but Laura decided to go on with the ceremony anyway. My second shooter saved the day and held an umbrella as I photographed through the storm. And even though these two were getting soaked, they both look so proud walking down the sandy aisle.

Meg and Dom-79

Vintage showed up in a lot of my weddings this year. These blue Mary Jane inspired heels and veil really sum it up.

Meg and Dom-339

Megan & Domenic were truly a joy to photograph. I knew Meg and school, but I didn’t realize how strong her love for Domenic was until this moment. Deciding not to do a first look, they instead touched hands right before walking down the aisle; and Meg’s reaction was enough to make me lose my breath.

Amanda and Shawn-426

Amanda & Shawn were SO ready to get married. Their energy and vibe really topped the charts! If there was a place I felt like family, it was here at this wedding.

Angelina and Richard-11

Glam and color (especially yellows) easily became one of my favorite things to photograph this year!

Angelina and Richard-402

A young love for old souls! Angelina & Richard got married celebrated at the Oxford Exchange after their intimate wedding just hours before. In this shot, I love how you can really see how much she adores him.

Jamie and Spencer-167

Jamie & Spencer were married in North Straub park surrounded by many friends and family. It’s not every wedding you see grooms cry, and it’s not every wedding you see the photographer cry. They inspired me.

Krista and David-165

Very Wang gown. I need say no more.

Krista and David-838

Krista & David!! By far one of the sweetest couples I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. The first time I met these two we were in Kahwa with her brother (David’s best man) and we talked for 2 hours but what seemed like 5 minutes. Their wedding was inspired by the galaxies and I took pride this night coming up with unique ways to make it look as though they were dancing with the stars.


The way the light bounces on her skin!


Mia & Vuong were my last wedding of the year and it was so difficult trying to only pick a couple from their day! Mia is so so loved! I love the way her bridesmaids (with no questions asked) all went in to hug her. I smiled from ear to ear behind my camera.

Chelsey and Jason-20


Brittany and Mark-172

Brittany & Mark recently moved from Ohio to Florida and eloped with Tide the Knot Beach Weddings. Before their elopement, Brittany actually found me on instagram! These two have one of the purest loves and it was a pleasure getting to know them through the process. Don’t they look like the most handsome mer-people here?

Brittany and Mark-176

This image is so timeless to me.

Brittany and Mark-184

I love this image for many reasons: the pops of colors, all of the details they wore that day, and the way she smirks when she is in his embrace.

Brittany and Justin-127

Brittany & Justin! My long lost friends from down south. How happy does she look to be engaged?

Christine and Todd-25

I first met Christine & Todd at Bahama Breeze in Tampa for lunch and I seriously could not get enough of them. And as you may see in this photo, his wit and her laugh go hand in hand.


These two cute bundles of joy are my nephews. The weather didn’t quite cooperate for family photos that day, but they sure did not mind!

Dixieland Monogram-87

Dixieland Fall Collection!

Dixieland Monogram-109

One of the most fun days was photographing Dixie Land Collection at her family’s farm. This girl was so easy to work with. We called her Tay-Tay all day because, well, doesn’t she look like Taylor Swift?

Krista and David-114

Krista & David playing on the rocks at Davis Island in the summer before their December wedding.

Jamie and Sean-88

Jamie & Sean are getting married this coming February! Her eyes in this photo get me every time.

Kayla and Shawn-118

Kayla & Shawn will be getting married this September and I hope there are more eskimo kisses just like this one.


First time momma Tennille is sooo beautiful! Every time she looked down at her tummy she smiled so big the world could see!

Morgan Maternity-14This was my first sunrise sessions of the year and it was more than perfection. The yellows, her lavender dress…and I love how proud she looks to be a momma.

Yogs on a Boat-64

When I got Chelsea’s email that her and Di were planning to get married in February, I was ecstatic! But I am even more ecstatic about the friendship we have grown over this past year. I love this photo not only because it’s of two people I adore, but because of the way Chelsea embraces Di.


Just look at those smiles! You can’t fake that.


I love the bright light and pops of color throughout this photo, and I love how comfortable these two look together.


The face behind Kim Yau Studios! You slay this photo.

Amanda and Shawn-81

The contrast in this image and the confidence in his stance.

Meg and Dom-992

By far the coolest decoration I have ever seen at a wedding!! More of this please!

Krista and David-22

Silver and gold DO go together.

Krista and David-974

Because you can’t close out a blog without a sparkling kiss!







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  1. Absolutely incredible montage of memories! Thank you for sharing precious moments of very special couples you photographed in 2015; I enjoyed each and every story. Working your magic through the lens captivates, enchants and allows us to feel a part of each couple’s very special day. Artistic expression in freeze-frame…nothing like it! May 2016 continue to inspire you.

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