Multicultural Grand Plaza Beach Wedding {Mia & Vuong}

March 4, 2016

Mia and Vuong met at a Vietnamese new year party where Vuong’s brother introduced him to her. They only enjoyed one drink together and didn’t see each other again until months later. There was definitely something that intrigued them to see each other again, and I saw it the day of their wedding. These two, full of laughter and Mia sweet as pie! These two live full-time in Chicago but after visiting the beaches of St. Petersburg, they knew the Grand Plaza would be the perfect place for them to get married. Their family flew in from all over the world; and their event did not disappoint those long-road travelers! Mia, her family and friends did everything by hand. If only I had an ounce of her crafting skills! Absolutely adored this couple and their day!

Mia and Vuong-537

Mia says the most important elements on her wedding were, “Happy moments of us, the warm atmosphere of our families, and the serenity of our wedding view.”

Mia and Vuong-9

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-1

Mia and Vuong-80

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-3

Mia and Vuong-81

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-4

Mia and Vuong-148

Mia and Vuong-139

Mia and Vuong-131

Mia and Vuong-163

Mia and Vuong-155

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-5

Mia and Vuong-229

Mia and Vuong-232

Mia and Vuong-234

Mia and Vuong-284

Mia and Vuong-289

Mia and Vuong-312

Mia and Vuong-278

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-8

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-9

Mia and Vuong-312

Mia and Vuong-381

Mia and Vuong-382

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-10

Mia and Vuong-379

Mia and Vuong-378

Mia and Vuong-376

Mia and Vuong-373

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-6

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-7

Mia and Vuong-208

Mia and Vuong-195

Mia and Vuong-175

Mia and Vuong-180

Mia and Vuong-400

Mia and Vuong-404

Mia and Vuong-419

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-11

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-2

Mia and Vuong-57

Mia and Vuong-56

Mia and Vuong-45

Mia and Vuong-43

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-12

Mia and Vuong-607

Mia and Vuong-589

Mia and Vuong-575

Mia and Vuong-556

Mia and Vuong-550

Mia and Vuong-537

grand-plaza-st pete-wedding-13

Mia and Vuong-536


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