A Sweet and Spanish Inspired South Florida Museum Wedding

April 16, 2016

When I first met Jamie and Sean, I knew I was in for an amazing journey with them. The two of them, smiling from ear-to-ear, were so excited to tell me how they first met and how they couldn’t wait to get married. Jamie and Sean met at the Tampa Bay Rays where Jamie still works. Their love for baseball, and their shared mutual friends, is what got these two together. I so enjoyed their Spanish inspired wedding at the South Florida Museum! The details, the people, and the atmosphere is definitely one for the books.

Venue: Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Bradenton
Venue: South Florida Museum
Hair & Make-Up: Morgan Ellis
Planner/Designer: Liz Smith Events

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From Sean:

I get to marry my best friend Jamie! She and I met at the Tampa Bay Rays in 2006 and 10 short years later, I’ll be able to call her my wife. When I met her, I thought she was out of my league and to this day, nothing has changed. Jamie is the most beautiful person I know, both inside and out. She is the most caring, compassionate, fun-loving and sweetest partner I could ever want in life. She’s the one that I would do anything for and I know and love that she would do the same for me.

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From Jamie:

Most of you know, Sean and I met through work at the Rays.  Sean came in mid-season as a Ray Team member and I was an intern at the time, managing the team and game day promotions.  From the moment I met Sean I knew we were going to be friends for life. His smile was so genuine and infectious, we hit it off right away.  He is silly and funny and the most positive person I’ve ever met.  He’s never afraid to be himself.  Sean’s love for people and making them smile is what I love most about him.

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Sean’s apple didn’t fall far from the tree as they say.  He has an amazingly supportive and loving family that has opened up their hearts to me and my family over the years. We are so excited to be joining our families with this marriage and are looking forward to making many memories together!”

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One of the most important things to her is family and I’m lucky to not only come from a great one, but I get to join an incredible family with the Patterson’s / Probst’s. Jamie’s family has been incredibly welcoming to me and I’ll continue to honor their commitment to me by being the best husband Jamie deserves.”

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