5 Pro Techniques for Amazing Beach Wedding Photography

May 17, 2016

Hoorah! It’s summer! And what that means for us photographers is that most of our destination weddings will take us to our beautiful (and award winning!) beaches. 

The beach is a great place to say I do; and with amazing beach venues in the area such as the Don Cesar and The Postcard Inn, it makes it a great escape for your guests as well.  After all, it’s like a mini-vacay!

However, pulling off  flawless beach wedding photography can be a challenge, but with the right photographer, they can make even the most terrifying storms or harsh light look stunning.

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Today, I am bringing out all the tips and tricks I use for beach wedding photography that can accommodate any situation.

  1.    Guiding my couples to look towards the light

It’s not supposed to sound so “after-life” but its true! Especially during high noon, one of the main things I try to eliminate are those harsh shadows. When I guide you to “find the light” it will help to better position your head so that those eyebrow bones, and your nose don’t cast shadow on your face to make for an unevenly lit portrait.

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  1.    Reflectors

It’s not often I bring out a reflector, but in times when I just want to add a shimmer of light to fill in those shadows, a reflector does the trick! The reflector I use is shaped like a disk and has a silver and gold side. Each side is used for a different feel. If I want to warm up the image, I use the gold. If I want to cast a clean, white light on you, I use the silver. I typically whip these out on overcast days when I want to bring some warmth into the image.

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  1.    Off Camera Flash

Off camera flash is when a photographer uses triggers, or signals, to pop a flash that is off of the camera. You may typically see a photographer with a flash mounted on to their camera, but this is “next level ish”.  My off camera flash is typically mounted to my 6 ft. light stand; and it has a nickname. THE TRANSFORMER. I always bring out the transformer during sunsets, or when I really want to bring out color in the sky (morning, midday or night). The off camera flash allows me to bring depth back into the image creating a 3-D like feel to my couples.

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beach wedding photography-3

  1.    Find Shade

The summer here really is no joke! If the light is too harsh on your eyes, or you are really needing a break from the heat, I always recommend finding some shade. The shade may look shadowy to your eyes, but the even light really makes for a well-lit photograph. Shade is our friend!

beach wedding photography-8

5.   Plan for the worst but hope for the best

Summer rain is never ideal, and in Florida it’s bound to happen. I always come prepared with umbrellas should my couples want to take a chance in the rain. Thank goodness for second shooters! Not only do they have talent for good photos, but also umbrella holding. No sense in getting that gear all wet. In cases when there is a monsoon, it’s always best to hold off until the storm passes. And in typical Florida fashion, they will pass quickly and usually present you with the most killer skies!

For more information on how I prepare for the worst and push through to create the best, contact me by clicking here 🙂


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