Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget!

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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

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i'm KÉra

It is one month until your big day. You and your fiancé finally have all of the major vendor details accounted for, you are now able to sleep at night knowing that your planner has it all covered, and you think to yourself, “Wow, we did it. Now all we have to do is say ‘I do’”

But before you get into full relaxation mode, there are a few things I want you two to consider before your big day.


It is no secret that all those blogs you love publish content that is very detailed oriented. And there is no secret as to why. Details are the threads that weave stories together. Details embody past loves, long hours of planning, or a special moment shared with a family member.

As a storyteller, first and foremost, it is my desire to be able to capture these details on your wedding day so that you can also remember how special each and every detail made you feel.

What photos that were published did you love most? Was it the bride’s grandmother’s handkerchief? Was it the beautiful handmade invitation? Or was it simply the details of her shoes that you know she spent forever picking out months before?



Tip from a Photographer – If you have any details you wish to be photographed prior to the ceremony and reception, create a details box. It can be a simple shoebox that holds all of the details you want to remember. If they are all in one place, the photographer will be able to get each and every detail before you ever get ready. The best part, your photographer won’t have to ask you where everything is so that you are able to enjoy that mimosa; worry free.

Details to consider:

Planning a wedding is never easy which is why I always recommend a wedding planner to my couples! They can help hash out all of these details with you in advance, and perhaps recommend other meaningful details you may have forgotten.



What meaningful details will you and your fiancé be incorporating in your wedding? Tell me in the comments below!