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April 21, 2017

Imagine yourself now married to the man of your dreams and you are hosting his family for the first time in your newly renovated home in St. Pete. You’ve grown so close with his family since the planning of your wedding, but his aunt and uncle were sad that they had to miss the event. After listening to your mother-in-law gush about how gorgeous you were in your gown and how proud she is of her son, you decided to grab your professional USB that was given to you by your photographer and open them on the computer.

Well, after an hour of you having to update your laptop and open the images, your aunt and uncle decide to call it a night and thank you for your hospitality.

UGH. Talk about disappointment.

What if you had a professionally designed photo album on your book shelf you could grab? How amazing would it feel to sit, cuddled on the couch reliving your wedding day in a book? What if you had a whole canvas wall dedicated to your wedding story?

In this article I recently came across, the author mentioned the senses we use when we see and hold an image. The author says, “Technology is great and has improved our lives in so many ways, but don’t you feel that a memory is better preserved when holding that moment in your actual hands? We are human beings and we react better when we increase the number of senses we use for each object. That’s why we get more emotional when we print an actual picture.”

As a photographer, it is my joy to provide you with all the images that tell your story (sometimes that can be hundreds), which is why I provide a USB to all my wedding clients. But the USB is suppose to act as a place of safekeeping and should not be used to replace reliving your memories.

wedding photography albums and prints 2 wedding photography albums and printsIsn’t that last image kind of ridiculous? This is how I imagine life in a USB only world. The picture above is of me and my boyfriend. We were at a wedding and it’s actually the very first time I said ‘I love you’ to him. Every day when I see this image, I am reminded of how much that day meant to me and I am able to relive all of those butterflies. But what if I never took that image off my iPhone and printed it? Would I have forgotten what we were wearing, how hot it was that day, and how tan he used to be? 😛

Prints and photo albums become such amazing pieces that I personally want to create them for every big life event. I absolutely love being able to physically hold onto a memory and take it in; and you will too. But don’t just take it from me, some of my past clients could not imagine a life without their photo album.

There was so much happening on the day of the wedding that it all was a blur by the end of the day. When I got my album it allowed me to sit and relive the day and enjoy it all over again. I love that I can sit down and reminisce any time I want and since some family couldn’t make it to our destination wedding it’s easy to share the day with them anytime as well.” -Kelli and Jordan

wedding photography albums 3

“I loved receiving our album and I’m so happy we made the investment. As a bride on her wedding day, emotions are more than high and it’s hard to remember all of the special details and moments that are most important to you. From the details on the cover, to the photo layout, and even the fonts used inside, the essence of our wedding was perfectly encapsulated. I love flipping through our album because I get to see our wedding through the eyes of our guests, my partner, and also an outside perspective. I’m so thankful to have these still moments that I can forever cherish. Thanks so much for putting together such a beautiful piece of art.” -Krista and Dave

wedding photography albums 2

“The album is phenomenal. When we first opened it, we couldn’t believe how gorgeous the photos looked. We didn’t really realize the photos would be printed directly on the pages and that made it even more special. It was something unique and only for us. Also, getting to relive the that day was so wonderful” – Paul and Jenny

wedding photography albums


My albums are from a professional lab and are made of 100% leather. The leather can be dyed to any color and etched with any design. The pages are thick enough to last a lifetime…and can even survive little ones grabbing ahold of them if and when that day comes.

If you’re interested to know about my albums, please contact me here


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