Grand Central Engagement with Natalie and Jarrod

April 3, 2018

Natalie and Jarrod are a product of a mutual friend, social media, and a little courage from Natalie to say “Hey :)”. Natalie and Jarrod became Facebook official friends after meeting each other through her new Texan friend Meredith. Months would go by and Jarrod would show up on Natalie’s Facebook feed. Her interest was sparked and she decided it was as good time as any to stop in to say hey. Needless to say, Jarrod liked her confidence and they ended up chatting back and forth until Jarrod asked her out for sushi.

It’s amazing how one little spark, one little step forward can create a bond between people that leads to a lifetime together! I think I adore love stories purely for this reason. What if Natalie never said hey?

The three of us ventured around downtown St. Pete in the Grand Central District for their engagement session and the weather and their love could not have been more perfect. When prompted what they love about each other, my heart just melted all over my keyboard.

Natalie: “I love the way he makes me laugh and how he is always optimistic and confident. I love the way he loves me and makes me feel so special. I love the way he loves both of our families and that family is important to him.”

Jarrod: “I like that Natalie is really giving. She is career driven. She is spontaneous and her strong faith in God, and her ice cold hands (her hands are always freezing).”

Downtown St. Pete Photo Opps: Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails // Bandit Coffee // North Shore Beach




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