Why I love Personal Branding

May 30, 2018

Personal branding has become such a buzz word but I love everything it is about. Most of what I love about personal branding is that it is a direct result of more people creating their own business; their own brand. More often than not my friends are entrepreneurs just trying to make an impact and find their way, and in their journey they find themselves!

My journey as a brand has been an interesting one as it always coincides with who I am as a person at that time. Wow, am I so glad that I found a professional creative who brands businesses for a living (special shoutout to Three Fifteen Design!). I can finally breathe and say “I now know who I am”. But sometimes as entrepreneurs and business owners, instagrammers, and people who are just on this journey of self discovery, sometimes we just need to let loose, have fun, and boost our own self confidence. If you have been following me for awhile, I started this event for single people who were ready to get back out in the world. And it can totally still be that for some of you. But I found that what people really need is at the root of it all, and that is to find self love and to feel confident again.

I had an amazing time at this event getting to know local entrepreneurs and newly singles who were ready to make their mark on the world. But not only that, I loved being the person that witnessed their confidence blossom in front of my camera.

If you’re interested in the next one, mark your calendars for July 8th and email/call me hold your spot!

PS. If you’re looking for the coolest place for an amazing cup o’ joe, or just need a snuggly place to read your book – check out Black Crow. Seriously.
PSS. The Canopy at Birchwood has an amazing view and good drinks to boot!


Cheers to everyone who made this happen! I love all of your hearts!


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