Brittany and Evan in St. Pete Beach

November 15, 2019

I love stories where two people that were leading completely different lives stumble across each other. Brittany is from Texas, and Evan from North Carolina. So without the intervention of law school, who knows how long it would have taken these two to find each other?? But God always has a way.

Brittany and Evan met during their first year of law school at Stetson. Each incoming class is divided into 3 sections, and each section has all the same classes together. As fate would have it, Brittany and Evan were in the same section and then formed the same friend group. They played intramural softball together and beach volleyball, and Evan would always serve the volleyball right at her! Does this bring anyone back to their childhood crush? I love this!

Brittany and Evan eventually started hanging out more together, even though they were both hesitant to date someone that we would see every day for the rest of the school year, and possibly for the next 3 years of law school (if it didn’t work out). But Brittany felt there was something very genuine about him and his intentions, so they eventually gave in and took a chance on each other.

Evan says, “There are too many things to list, but I think I love most (which I attribute to her) how we have such a deep and meaningful relationship that is so far beyond pure attraction (although Brittany is absolutely gorgeous in every way). In addition to my fiance and future wife, Brittany is my best friend, we always talk through things together, and I truly feel like she puts every effort into our relationship. She makes me want to be a better fiance/husband, and I think our relationship is stronger because of her. “

Brittany says, “Evan has the kindest heart, the patience of a saint, and makes me want to be a better person. He’s truly my best friend and teammate in everything we do together. I love his smile and sense of humor, and it seems like we’re always laughing when we’re together.”

I loved walking around the Don Cesar and eventually making our way to Treasure Island to watch the sunset. When Brittany and I first talked on the phone, it felt like we were best friends and we instantly knew we were meant to be (ha!). I just love these two so much already and I’m super excited for this next step for them. If there’s two people that are meant to live their lives together, it’s them. <3


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