Nashville Engagement with Katie and Tim

February 24, 2020

Oh my goodness y’all! I am falling in love with all of these Nashville engagement photos. I knew I’d love a change of scenery, but I didn’t know HOW much.

I first met Katie at a hot yoga class. I knew in an instant we would be friends because the conversation just flowed so easily. We bonded over moving to Nashville recently and for our men 🙂 I was ecstatic when she told me she was just recently engaged over the holidays!

The Proposal

“The week before Christmas 2019, Tim and I were opening Christmas presents before heading to our families houses for the week. He had made a photo album with pictures of the two of us throughout the time we’ve been together- including our very first date picture. At the beginning of the album, he wrote “Because all of my favorite memories have been made with you”. At the end, he wrote “to be continued…”. I looked up and he was sitting there with a ring and said “will you be mine forever?”.

Can it get any more heartfelt than that? The first time I read that my eyes started to tear. When you see them together, too, it all makes sense.

Tim says, “I love how excited Katie gets about the small things in life and how she can instantly bring a smile to my face no matter how terrible my mood is. She is more loving than anyone else I know and is always there for the people she loves. She always supports me, finds positivity when I’m down on myself, and helped/s me find confidence. I love that she plays along when I’m being goofy. I love the little dance she does. Also, she’s hot.”

Katie says, “Tim has this awesome way of making me feel more grounded. He is very go-with-the-flow, and always calm. Any time I feel out of control, or a little on edge, just being near him helps to calm me down. I love how sweet and kind he is and how he always puts other peoples’ needs before his. He’s fun and silly and isn’t worried about looking ridiculous.”

The Engagement Session

We started their engagement photos at Tailgate Brewery where they enjoyed a couple of brews and I enjoyed soaking up the seriously breathtaking winter light. They danced, they sipped, they kissed. It was perfection.

Afterwards, we headed over to Percy Warner park where they popped champagne, and popped it again! It exploded so much they were soaked from head to toe in bubbly. We had an amazing time and laughed the whole walk back to the car.

These two are getting married in their hometown and I can’t wait to hear all about it <3 See you two for pizza and brews soon!

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