I spent a few days thinking about this post and what I was going to write. SO MUCH has happened in 2016 that it seemed impossible to find a beginning and an end. 2016 brought us so many wonderful and amazing memories! We traveled, we loved, we worked super duper hard, we met new friends, […]

When I was a little girl, there was nothing more exciting than counting down the days until Christmas. For me, it was counting down as soon as the fireworks in the sky rang in the new year. And it wasn’t just about the presents under the tree, but the magical feeling everyone seemed to be feeling […]

Birthday’s are the paradigm of parties, gifts and having an absolute good time. But birthday’s to me are so much more than that. Earlier this year, the man of my dreams literally waltzed into my life and swept me away on my birthday -it was a first kiss I will never forget. Since then, I have […]