Couples for a Cause

Weddings, believe it or not, can actually be the gateway to giving back in so many ways. Whether you plan to donate your leftover dinners to the homeless, purchase an ethical diamond, or use sustainable decor, YOU can give back in ways many couples have never thought about.

This program gives my couples a chance to break from wedding planning, to be intentional in their community, and also gives them a chance to save money! For a long time I craved giving back, but giving money to an organization felt disconnected and impersonal. In this way, my couples can connect to their community and really be a part of it.

#CouplesForACause is a part of my brand that leverages giving back in a way that also gives back to my couples.

Here’s how you can save 10% on your wedding package with me!:


• Volunteer your time as a couple at a local non-profit, or plan an event of your own (river or beach clean up or making homeless care packages and handing them out).
• Take photos! I want to see what you’re doing and the impact you’re making. 
• Send a short write up. How has this impacted your heart?

#COUPLESFORACAUSE is pretty straightforward, and if this pulled at your heartstrings, the chances are high that we are a perfect fit for each other. Reach out and we can make your wedding and our community the best it can be.