VISUAL storytelling FOR THE ONCE IN A lifetime MOMENTS


from the hills of Tennessee to the waters of Florida I’ve traveled all over the Southeastern states capturing weddings that embody natural poses and candid moments all the same.

for couples that desire being in the moment and being the moment.

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I work with my hands and my heart. I feel everything in a moment and my hands capture it. And I’m here for one reason — to make your photography experience a joyful one.

I fell in love with my family's old photographs because when I held them it felt real — I saw a different piece of my mom and dad. I noticed the youthful smiles of my grandparents. This is what I envision for you — that one day your heirloom photographs will live in young hands as they get to know you, living in the moments on the best day of your lives.

I'm Kéra

Venue Owner & Lead Planner

- Colleen Kelly

“As a venue and planner, I absolutely love working with Kéra! I love her photography style and she serves her couples so well.”


- Anna Dunn

“KÉra was easy to work with and keen to detail! She listens to what the couple wants and knows what they need ahead of time.”


- Helen Morisette

“Kéra is fun for the couple to work with and keeps them at ease throughout the day. Her attention to detail is awesome. And her work is absolutely amazing.”


Intentional storytelling for the moments that matter.