A photograph is more than aesthetic.


the soul of an artist

I fell in love with my family's old photographs because when I held them it felt real — I saw a different piece of my mom and dad. I noticed the youthful smiles of my grandparents.

This is what I envision for all of my couples — that one day your heirloom photographs will live in young hands as they get to know you, living in the moments on the best day of your lives.

I feel everything in a moment and my hands capture it.

And like a fine wine, every year gets better and better. Love stories somehow get sweeter and I can’t help but favor the notes of timeless nostalgia and hints of modern love. 

I work with my hands and my heart. 

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Fun Facts: 
Enneagram 1w2, Level 2 Sommelier, Trained Photojournalist

For the last eleven years I’ve built my love for capturing moments into a thriving career, serving couples all over Tennessee, Florida, and the southeastern United States. 

I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

I'm KÉra

I’ve spent most of my life creating and reimagining the world around me. In fact, my parents can attest to the pile of books and poems I started to write when I was just 6 years old. While my passion for writing has never gone away, I turned to telling stories in a different way - through my lens.

After training as a photojournalist in the summer of 2011, I stepped foot into my first wedding working alongside a high-end photographer capturing weddings at The Ritz Carlton and La Playa in Naples, Fla. I was so enamored by the energy and joy felt at weddings that I decided it was time to create something of my own — Kéra Photography was born in 2012. 

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My bags are seemingly always packed, and I can't turn down a good adventure (or Bordeaux). Let's add yours to the calendar, shall we?

Cincy, OH — JUNE 2024

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Hilton Head — July 2024

Detroit, MI — August 2024