When a Photographer Travels to France

June 6, 2017

It’s interesting being a photographer and going on vacation. My first thought was, “Can I bring all of my gear??”. Well, when you are traveling internationally and want to pack light this becomes a real problem! After months and months of planning our ideal vacation in France, we both decided that it would be best to pack very light with what we needed. So naturally, we packed a crap ton of stuff (including jackets) because the weatherman told us it would be cold! Womp, womp, womp. Hello summer in France!

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to find a non-stop, round-trip flight from Miami and Paris. This was a lifesaver in my opinion. We also were very smart with our luggage, and only had 3 carry on items total. One of those items being my camera with 50mm lens. Actually, a great choice in my opinion. After hours of traveling, we landed in Paris mid-morning the next day.

We set out to be in Paris for only a couple of days before we rented our car and head to the countryside of France. Driving in Paris is awful by the way! One thing we would change would be to rent the car in our second destination, which was Orleans!

Our itinerary was pretty full. As you can see from this wonderful Google Map, we traveled what seems like everywhere in France (mostly to the wineries..hehe).

We visited chateaus (old castles!), wineries, more chateaus, ate lots of great food and slept in really amazing Airbnbs (definitely the way to go!).

Our trip in Paris started with friends! We had different itineraries, but we spent our first night drinking wine on the lawn of the Socre Coeur.

On our last morning in Paris, we ate at this amazing brunch place. Cafe featured with homemade donut hole (at least that’s what it tasted like).

And then we started our Chateau journey!

The gardens of the chateaus were always so amazing. Everywhere we went in France smelled like fresh flowers, but I mostly remember the smell of roses. Once our tour of the castles were complete, we made our way to the wine route, starting with Colmar.

The picture above is one of my favorites. I connected with the Alsace region so much so that I could consider moving there. It’s a simple life. Beautiful scenery, kind people. My dad later told us when he picked us up at the airport that my family (great great grandparents) came from the Alsace region. Alsace history is interesting because the nationality changed many times. So the people were French, then German, then French again. A lot of the street names, and wine names for that matter, are German (my heritage). No wonder I connected so much with that region!

The type of soil determines how the grapes taste. Marc from VinoRoute was so informative! Here, he is explaining how the limestone affects the Riesling grapes.
Above are the baby grapes!

We finished our time in France relaxing with bottles of wine and exploring the small villages we came across. I didn’t pull out my camera too much during these times so I could really soak up the experience.

France was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. Don’t spend too much time in Paris…France is much more than that.

If you want to see more of our adventures, be sure to check our my personal instagram @kera_noel

As they say in France…bonne journee!


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    Loved reading about your experience and seeing all the pics! 🙂

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