Hyde Park Tampa Couples Shoot | Scotty & Micah

August 12, 2017

Being a St. Pete photographer, I don’t often make it over to Tampa! I know, It’s only a bridge! But I am so glad I met Scotty and Micah in Hyde Park. Though it is just a teeny bit under construction, we still managed to find the cutest spots for photos including Sprinkles Cupcakes and their pink wall! We started our photo adventure there, took a break for cupcakes, and then walked around and made magic together. By the way, the red velvet is the best one (I know, I tried them all!).

If there are any two people meant to be together it is these two. The moment I met them you could see their chemistry, and positivity just radiated from them. Instantly we became friends just hanging out and I loved getting to know the two of them better. Like, Scotty is a resident artist at the Central Florida Lyric Opera and Micah spends his time between LA working for Joiful and styling amazing hair in Tampa. The most amazing part about them to me is that the two of them have been together for 6 years and still manage to make each other laugh.

I don’t often photograph gay couples, and I wish I did more! It felt really good to shake up my portfolio and shake up my news feed 😉 Love is love y’all.


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