Kéra Holzinger Exhibits at The Dalí Dozen, 12 emerging Artists to watch in 2018

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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

Pour a glass of wine and stay a while, won't you?

i'm KÉra

St. Petersburg, FLA (November 11, 2018) – On Wednesday, December 5th , 2018, The Dalí Museum’s Zodiac Membership Committee will present Kéra Holzinger as one of the 12 featured artists in its “The Dali Dozen, 12 emerging Artists to watch in 2018”, taking place at the Museum from 6-9pm.

This annual event invites members of The Dalí Museum to meet with and view work by local artists and artisans. Each of the 12 Zodiac Committee members has selected an artist to showcase.

The Museum Store will also be open and offering members a special 25% discount on Store merchandise. Tickets for the event are $18 and available to Dalí Museum members & their guests on TheDali.org.

The Zodiac Membership Committee is an all-volunteer group that supports the mission of The Dalí Museum by building meaningful relationships with members, fostering new interest in the membership program, and helping to strengthen ties between the Museum, its members and the arts community. The original Zodiac Group was created in France in 1932 and consisted of 12 patrons who each sponsored Salvador Dalí for one month of the year. In exchange, patrons received a work of Dalí’s produced during that same month. In the spirit of these forward-thinking patrons, The Dalí’s Zodiac Membership Committee was formed in 1996.

Kéra Holzinger is honored to have been selected to participate in this prestigious event and showcase her refreshing view on human introspection and connectivity to the outdoors. Introspection is the self-examination of one’s mind, body and soul, a natural way of taking a pulse on our being. The philosopher Plato once asked, “…why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are?” Kera’s artwork stimulates human introspection and connectivity to the outdoors noticeable amongst her photographs, taking into account that all things are better seen with our eyes closed and our hearts open. “Whether it be kissing, praying, taking a deep breath, reliving a memory; I wanted to recreate that feeling within a photograph. In a world of residual chaos, my hope with this body of work is that it propels the viewer’s own journey of self reflection and wonderment – allowing them to find their own piece of peace.” – Kéra Holzinger

About (Kera Holzinger}
Kéra’s journey as a photographer started just over 10 years ago when she was introduced to the world of film. Most days she would dream about the smell of developer and red light and wished that was all that she could do. Years later as she studied journalism, her love for editorial photography began and further developed when she worked for the Naples Daily News. She was formally trained as a photojournalist and her passion for telling the untouched story became ingrained in the way she photographed. Kéra’s first introduction into wedding photography was in 2011 and with every wedding her passion only grew for visually telling every lover’s story. Since then, Kéra has dedicated her professional life here in St. Petersburg to curating a photography experience that focuses on honest emotions,authentic connection,and real moments.