Autumn and Aaron at Juliette Chapel

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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

Pour a glass of wine and stay a while, won't you?

i'm KÉra

You know how the saying goes. When you love someone, you can’t wait to start your life with them. For Autumn and Aaron, it was very much like this.

I first talked with Autumn in the early spring and she was ecstatic to be planning her wedding in Nashville. It was supposed to be in September this year, but with the added worry that COVID-19 brought to the table, Autumn and Aaron decided to take their wedding, and the start of their life, into their own hands.

Isn’t it funny, how fear can stop us cold. It can make us rethink all the good things happening in our life, instilling doubt in everything we do. But love, love does quite the opposite. It has the ability to give us courage and strength in times of darkness, allowing us to press on in faith.

So a couple months after booking, I got a text from Autumn asking me if I’d be open to photograph their wedding in June in Dahlonega, Ga. Only a 4 hour drive from Nashville I immediately responded, yes, why not?! She and Aaron were planning an intimate affair in the heart of small town Georgia. They’re marriage would be blessed by God in a beautiful white chapel, and their reception would be centered around breaking bread with friends and family.

I loved the idea of a road trip through the mountains, and wonderfully enough, Karl was able to tag along!

We arrived in the quaint square of Dahlonega and I thought, “I never would have visited a place like this if it weren’t for these two.” It was so cute; really small, and it felt like the perfect get away from reality for a bit.

I met up with Autumn first, the afternoon of their wedding. I got to spend a good chunk of time with her and her family, where they shared with me how they planned the wedding in such a short amount of time.

  • Autumn did her own makeup, and her best friend from childhood did her hair. It was special because it was the same friend who did her hair for prom!
  • Autumn wore her aunt’s wedding dress that was made by her late grandmother. It didn’t have to be altered at all and fit her like a glove!
  • Autumn’s mother created her bouquet and all the flowers in the reception hall.
  • Autumn’s father spray painted all of the gold name holders.
  • Autumn’s grandfather, who is a retired pastor, married the two of them.
  • Another one of Autumn’s aunts played wedding coordinator and bartender!
  • Autumn’s family made little cut outs of Aaron’s family who couldn’t be there (love this!)
  • Both families live streamed their wedding to keep everyone involved who couldn’t make it

I was amazed at how well everyone came together to show Autumn and Aaron how much they believed in their love and their marriage. And truly, how special is it that every detail that was incorporated into their day was curated by hands they most loved?

I cried.

In those moments I felt blessed to be the one to photograph their love story. Something that only happens once in their lifetime. I was now another pair of trusted hands helping to make their dreams come true.

Autumn recounts how they met

Our love story began long before we met (thanks to the age of social media). In early 2016, Aaron stumbled upon my profile picture on Facebook through mutual friends and- in his own words- it was love (or maybe infatuation) at first sight. Aaron says that since that moment, he itched to figure out who I was. Much to his delight, God had plans for us, and we happened to meet face-to-face at a church event in Canada. My mom introduced us because she wasn’t a fan of my boyfriend at the time 🙂 On the night of the dance, Aaron noticed that I was sitting by myself in a corner, so he went out of his way to introduce me to a table of young adults. That stuck with me for a long time. However, when my mom invited Aaron out to dinner with us, I apparently did not speak to him once the whole evening (whoops, I’m an introvert). Apparently, it wasn’t in God’s plan for us to hit it off that year. Fast-forward to December 2018, and Aaron and I both found ourselves at another church event, and a rumor was going around that he came all the way from Australia just to see me. He claims this wasn’t true but… who do you believe? Anyways, Aaron seized his opportunity to talk to me at the dance, but I made yet another bad impression. When he asked me to dance, I replied with “maybe if I get some wine in me first.” I was trying to be funny, but he thought I was alluding to a problematic drinking habit. Lol. When the event ended, we both felt disappointed in the outcome. Aaron and I prayed independently that God would make it clear to us whether we should pursue things further. On the very same day that Aaron prayed, one of his friends messaged him out of the blue and encouraged him to talk to me. Some people call that fate, but we call that the work of our awesome Father. Our first date was a FaceTime bible study discussing two of our favorite sermons. We clicked instantly, and the rest is history!

One of the most important things to Autumn on their our wedding was the covenant they were making with God and the commitment she was making to Aaron. Their ceremony was beyond beautiful and I felt every ounce of God’s blessing on them.

I cannot wait to see where God takes you two. Congratulations <3

Venue: Juliette Chapel