Happy Birthday to this Stud!

July 21, 2015

Another year; another birthday. But more importantly, more memories with you. This past year with you has been everything. From helicopter flying, camping, and many nights out, I have loved every single moment spent with you. I am so lucky that a person like you exists, and I am lucky that I get to spend most of my moments with you. It feels as if we just met each other and we were spending one of our first nights out together at Cask & Ale before they got crazy popular. Some of my favorites moments are when we are sitting and sipping a yummy drink. Even if that yummy drink is just hot tea. I love moments with you talking about weird things that only seem weird because we think too much into them like how cars work, and how the internet exists. You are one of the smartest people I know, and the most interesting. I could spend all day with you and still be so entertained, even if no words are spoken and we’re just cuddling during a summer storm.

You are the best friend I never had. You listen. You understand me. You support me. And moreover, you love me unconditionally. And I mean that – because you love kissing me when I just wake up, squeezing me after a sweaty workout, and even when I get emotional beyond words, you smile at me and I know everything with be for the better.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being so so amazing.

I guess what I am trying to say is, Happy Birthday and I thank god you were born!

I love you.


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