planning a wedding in a pandemic

When a Wedding Feels Impossible

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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

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For engaged couples now and perhaps those who plan to be engaged later, I imagine a wedding feels impossible right now. On top of natural disasters and COVID-19, the social climate is rising (and for good reason!). But this does not mean you have to sacrifice the happiness of your future.

On top of staying healthy and fighting for justice, I want to instill hope and encourage you to continue planning that wedding of yours and celebrate the love that we all need in this world – now more than ever!

Here are a few reasons why, along with some messages of encouragement to get you going.

Wedding vendors are adapting.

Yes! Wedding vendors are adapting! Not only did we have to act quickly and find solutions when COVID-19 rocked everyone’s world, but because of it we are now more prepared than ever for anything to come our way. Contracts are already becoming more flexible, allowing for that level of uncertainty you may feel when putting down the retainer to diminish. Most contracts have now evolved to include language surrounding pandemics, which could include easing up on retainers and/or flexibility when moving dates.

You can challenge traditions.

This is a time when flexibility and adaptability are really going to challenge couples but it doesn’t mean you have to lose hope! More than ever couples now have the opportunity to challenge wedding traditions. Weddings have been the same for what seems like hundreds of years, and now is the time to make it your own. Whether that be having your wedding on a weekday, having an intimate and elegant backyard wedding, or eloping altogether and celebrating with a reception later, you can now make this wedding anything you could ever want it to be!

Change inspires creativity.

I am a big believer that change inspires creativity. In my own personal experience when I was going through the ringer, I felt the MOST creative because I was trying to make sense of everything through my lens. At a time when it feels like our senses are more alive, photographers are going to feel every single moment of that and capture it on their camera. I can only imagine what magic your images are going to encapsulate!

You can find vendors that give back.

2020 has made a lot of things clear, the world can be very selfish, but you now more than ever have the power to ask HOW your vendors give back. Do they invest in the environment? Do they invest in race equality? Do they invest in cancer research?

I’m very proud of my program #CouplesForACause, which gives you 10% off your wedding package if you invest your time helping your community. If I’m available, I’ll even go with you! You can read more about it here.

But .. snag your date (and vendors) quick!

The 2020 wedding industry saw a wave of wedding postponements, which means that a lot of 2021 wedding dates are now getting snagged by 2020 couples. Most venues book 12-15 months out and most photographers book 8-12 months out. So it is important to snag and book your priority vendors as soon as possible.

To determine your priority vendors you will need to determine what your wedding priorities are. If photography is the MOST important vendor for your wedding, you shouldn’t delay reaching out and booking their services during this time.

More questions? Let’s Chat!