Morrow & Evan Intimate Wedding at the Cordelle

October 24, 2020

Just two weeks before Morrow and Evan were going to get married, their original photographer received the news that she had been exposed to COVID. By a pure miracle, my friend and talented Nashville wedding planner Keina, from Simply Golden Events, was good friends with Morrow and sent her my way! I was ecstatic that I was available because not only are weddings at The Cordelle some of my very favorite, but Morrow and Evan are an amazing couple! An hour long Zoom call later and wedding contract sent via email, Morrow and Evan were officially a part of the Kéra Photography experience and I was pumped that I got to see them in just two short weeks.

I arrived at The Cordelle on an afternoon when Fall was just starting to emerge in Nashville. The leaves were starting to change and the crisp, cool air kissed my nose. Morrow was calm and excited for her wedding day and Evan was no different. I could sense he was just ready. Due to the pandemic, their wedding had been replanned a couple times and it was finally here. No more delays. They were committing to forever today.

There’s always something special and unique about every wedding and every couple I photograph. For Morrow and Evan, it was the calm of their wedding. The love and support. The intimacy of their union. I loved being a part of something so sweet.

Vendors who made it all happen:

Simply Golden Events / Echoes of Eden / Kristen Winston Catering / Music City Tents an Events / The Corwin Trio / Matchless Transportation / MHD Cosmetics / Dogwood Films


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