Anna Rose and Josh Get Married at the Noelle

December 30, 2021

Anna Rose and Josh have a special place in my heart. To be honest, they had me at ‘intimate wedding with a retro vibe at The Noelle‘ and choosing to get married on their 4th anniversary. I mean, can anything sound more romantic and fun? I was down with these two before they even signed the contract.

From Chattanooga sunsets to the morning of their wedding, I’ve gotten to know Anna Rose and Josh on a personal level. Okay, I can thank Instagram for that 🙂 Every glimpse of these two just exudes authentic love. A mature love that you see in the movies or read in the books. The way Josh gently holds Anna Rose, to the way Anna Rose’s laugh makes Josh laugh. To the way they root for each other in all areas of their lives. I felt lucky that they chose ME to be the artist along for the journey.

The moment I arrived at The Noelle to capture Anna Rose getting ready, I knew it was going to be a good day. The weather was crisp, not a cloud in the sky. Her Sarah Seven dress was hanging up (I wore a Sarah Seven for my wedding!). The energy in that room was so inviting and her details were so fun. I was challenged in a fun way, photographing her details in the intimate and dimly lit room on the mezzanine of The Noelle. The colors popped amongst the shadows. If you’ve never been to The Noelle, it’s an amazing space with lots of charming character, choosing elements of its history as decor. It was the perfect retro sprinkle to their day.

Anna Rose and Josh had their first look on the rooftop of Rare Bird, a perfect space that overlooks the city. It was everything I never knew I needed. Minimalist and neutral – again, the space allowed Anna Rose and Josh to shine.

We chose to capture their romance and wedding party photos at the War Memorial – about a 9 minute walk from The Noelle. It was PERFECT. The sunlight was doing things I’ve never seen it do there, literally creating a back light for us that mimicked studio lighting but all natural. Everyone will tell you – it was worth the walk.

Anna Rose and Josh married inside the Noelle in their all white ballroom under a Chuppah decorated with disco balls and flowers. It made my night seeing their parents cover them in love and blessings.


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