Wedding Details Every Couple should Consider

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One of my favorite ways to start a wedding day is with photos of your wedding details! It not only gets my creativity flowing for the day, but it truly is also a time for me to get to know the two of you and what you hold most dear. These details are always shot in the beginning of the day, and help to set the stage for the story I am about to tell.

When I was a bride, the wedding details weren’t super top of mind for me, mostly because I found myself consider everything else in the planning process and Karl and I had a 5 month engagement — so who can really blame me 😉 Even so, I wanted to make sure certain things were photographed that meant a lot to me. So I tossed out the notion that my wedding details had to be perfect and instead starting gathering details that held meaning, collecting them along the way. I hope this list serves you well, too, as you start to imagine what your wedding day details could look like!

  1. Past Mementos. When considering your details, think about all the mementos that were about of your journey along the way. For me, it was incorporating a rock from the place where Karl proposed. Karl proposed on our hike up Chimney Rock and it felt appropriate to take a little piece of it with us. For others this could be a wine or champagne cork from your proposal, or perhaps a ticket to France. Whatever it is, it’s setting the foundation of a beginning.
  2. Wedding Invite. The invite is the equivalent of “once upon a time” in your wedding gallery. It’s a starting point and the reason everyone is there celebrating you. It also sets the tone for your entire day — an invite with script and gold trim may signify that you are having a black tie affair.
  3. Wedding Rings. The wedding rings have always held such a high degree of symbolism. This is part of the covenant you are making to each other. They will be blessed and serve as a reminder to the commitment you have made to each other. I would consider your rings the most important piece of your wedding details. Pro tip: even though the best man is usually the one to hold onto the rings, I recommend letting the bride hang onto the bands until they have been photographed with everything else. AND, if you want to add a pop of color, get a custom wedding ring box from the Mrs. Box or Amazon.
  1. Flowers/Foliage. This may surprise you as something to include in your lay flat wedding details, but your flowers also help set the stage for your wedding day story and can say a lot. For example, a darker floral blend could signify a fall or winter wedding. Something bright and light could indicate a spring wedding. Also, they just make the images so beautiful! Be sure to ask your florists for extra trimmings for your photographer to use!
  2. Perfume. I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for a beautiful perfume bottle and Coco Chanel has just that. If you’re planning on smelling special on your wedding day, I’d definitely recommend incorporating the special scent in your details.
  3. New. Borrowed. Blue. If you’re staying with tradition, it’s always a good idea to include your new, borrowed, and blue. One of my favorites was my grandmother’s rosary that I borrowed from my sister. I walked down the aisle with it wrapped around my hand and it meant a great deal to have her there with me.
  4. Shoes. Wedding shoes can be another fun detail to include in your wedding details, especially if they are also serving as your ‘something blue’. And make sure you keep your shoebox; this is the PERFECT place to store all of your other details, which makes it really easy for your photographer to grab without ever bothering you.

Here is the list I send to all my couples before the wedding day —

  1. Invitation suite – This includes your save the date, wedding invitation and RSVP card
  2. Groom outfit details – Watch, tie, socks, cufflinks, cologne, etc.
  3. Bride outfit details – Jewelry, something blue, something borrowed, hair accessories, perfume, etc.
  4. Rings – Engagement and wedding bands
  5. Florals – Bouquet, boutonniere, and additional florals as accent pieces for the other detail photos
  6. Vow Books or love notes
  7. Design elements – Poppers, streamers, decor, etc.
  8. Gifts – Wedding party gifts, parent gifts or gifts for each other
  9. Other – Cake topper, koozies, anything else that may be special to your story

If you haven’t already, start collecting your details as you start to think about them, you’ll be so glad you have one less thing to do as your wedding day approaches.