Brianna & Alec’s Nashville Engagement Session

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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

Pour a glass of wine and stay a while, won't you?

i'm KÉra

Brianna & Alec’s Nashville engagement session is one to reminisce on.

Picture this: I’m sitting in my Nashville office near a window where the sunlight pours in and touches my computer and my coffee mug. I sigh when I look at the upcoming weather and I see snow on the forecast. How can this be, it’s mid-March! I take a sip of my coffee and wallow in self pity for a moment then open up a gallery from Brianna and Alec’s engagement session from last Spring. “Ahhh,” sunshine and bright green landscapes. Take me back.

Brianna and Alec live in Georgia and I was thrilled when they asked me to be their wedding photographer. Brianna and I instantly connected. Her bubbly energy and her love for Alec made for a beautiful conversation. When we started to plan for their Nashville engagement session, Brianna knew exactly what she wanted. An open field. I knew I could deliver.

We had an amazing time dancing in the tall grasses and laughing as they frolicked. For two people that have never been professionally photographed, I can say without a doubt they should 100% be models. I loved watching their love bloom right in front of my eyes. And now we are counting down the day until their wedding this April at Rocky Lakes Estate. I cannot wait to see these two!