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 I want to create imagery in moments that feel like you. With the utmost intention in everything I do, this experience should feel like yours. 

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Photographers understand the power of imagery in telling a story and conveying a message. That is why branding photography is essential to any business. It is so important to have photos that authentically represent who you are and what you stand for. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing a branding session for my dear friend and fellow photographer, Maria Gloer. Through our collaboration, we were able to showcase her talents and services in an authentic and candid branding session.

Maria is a talented wedding and newborn photographer, with a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments. Maria’s work reflects her unique style and artistic vision. For this year’s branding session we were very intentional as it was important to showcase Maria in her element. Specifically, our goal was to highlight her creativity and personality through carefully curated vignettes and outfits. Needless to say, we accomplished what we set out to do.

Authentic and Candid Branding Session

With the purpose of her session in mind, we decided it was best to capture her branding session at her light and airy studio. In doing so, this allowed us to capture her in true work mode. I photographed her in action as she arranged imagery on the wall, curated a flat lay design, and flipped through one of her stunning wedding albums. By incorporating elements that are integral to Maria’s business, we were able to create images that will resonate with her target audience and represent her as a photographer.

What I love most about Maria’s branding session was the opportunity to capture the real her. From her genuine smile to her passion for photography, every image reflects Maria’s passion for her business. It was an honor to work with such a good friend and fellow creative. Maria’s inspiration in her work comes from a love of fine arts and film photography. Using organic posing she creates candid, joyful imagery her clients love. She truly has a gift for capturing heartfelt moments and helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

The Importance of Branding Photos

Branding photos are more than just pretty pictures – they are a powerful tool for representing your brand and connecting with your audience and ideal client. Moreover, professional photography plays a crucial role in establishing credibility, building trust, and making a lasting impression. Investing in high-quality branding photos can elevate your brand and attract clients, while also setting you apart from the competition by conveying your unique personality and style.

Now that Maria has updated branding photos, she can use them to represent her business and communicate the level of expertise and care she gives to each client and session. I can’t wait to see how she implements these photos in her business.

Authentic and Candid Branding Session of business owner arranging flay lay design

Are you a business owner looking to capture your brand or acquire new images to give your website a refresh? Let’s capture your brand’s story together! Please contact me today!

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