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I pulled up to what seemed like a very sweet woman’s house. A bungalow if you will. It had such a pleasant color – sunset orange with a mint door. I wasn’t even sure if what I pulled up to was the right place for a vintage rentals storefront, but the moment I knocked on […]

Just this time last year, I was living in a small downtown St. Petersburg apartment with my foxhound; skiddish as can be of the fireworks exploding over head. This was pretty typical. Me on my computer editing or searching the web on “How to Book More Weddings”. My dog laying on the ground, scared that […]

Freedom is such a beautiful word. It encompasses so much, and yet it is so incredibly simple. To be free is a gift, and Melissa embraces hers with such grace and charm. We can thank her gymnastics and dance background for that! I was delighted to photograph her in downtown St. Petersburg. The lights that […]

Nature is primitive. Nature is alive. Nature is the start of all things. And above all, nature is within all of us. Here is a sneak peek of a very personal project. “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein